Bit Fitting:

The Academy Neue Schule; Certificate in Equine Bits and Bitting Science

On the Bit Inc. Certificate in Bit and Bridle Fitting 


EC Registered Coach

EC Rider Levels I & II (Equivalent to current Level 6)


Certified Equinology Equine Bodyworker (EEBW Level 1) by the Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Body Work (CIECBW)

Tania is wonderful! She is knowledgeable and informative. She takes her time to explain the process and is very responsive to questions. She takes a careful approach and is kind to the horse throughout the process!

While she has bits available … if your current bit is already suitable for your horse, this is also ok a wonderful experience. Thank you!

– BB.

Excellent comprehensive assessment!

– Elizabeth J.

I found you to be professional, knowledgeable, open-minded and a thoughtful horse handler. I will highly recommend your services.

-Cait L.